Korsika Energy Research and Services Ltd (KERSL) organized an Open Day on the 9th of July, 2015, to highlight its manufacturing skills training activities in industralization.


The Open Day was also to advertise KERSL’s new location which is currently at the training center of the Ghana Regional Appropriate Technology and Industrial Service (GRATIS).

The GRATIS training center is located within the walls of Tema Technical Institute (TTI), opposite Community 7 bus stop.


This relocation is as a result of our growing corporation with GRATIS. The relocation will help bolster our common goals of providing high quality manufacturing skills training services to industry and help accelerate the country’s industrialization process in many other innovative ways and industralization.



All stakeholders such as the Association of Ghana Industries (AGI), Council for Technical and Vocational Education Training (COTVET), industry, technical schools and universities were represented at the Open Day. The Open Day was an eye opener for all stakeholders regarding KERSL’s activities and efforts in industrial skills training to help propel the country’s industrialization process.

The Open Day had considerable press and radio coverage.

Click here for the president’s presentation at the Open Day.