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Manufacturing Skills


A student who goes through all our Manufacturing Skills Training courses will be completely equipped with the critical skills required to operate, maintain, and troubleshoot an industrial facility. The training equips the student with the background and practical skills required in today’s industry or manufacturing environment.

The Manufacturing Skills Programme involves basic mechatronics courses from the vocational level through the technologist level. The term “mechatronics” encompasses a broad range of technical disciplines including mechanics, electronics, control systems and computer systems. It is defined as the “multidisciplinary application of mechanics, electronics, control systems and computer systems to optimize the performance of products or processes.” Many industrial and/or manufacturing processes today involve a combination of these disciplines, so technicians that have a strong practical background in the requisite components of these disciplines have the best chance of functioning optimally and increasing productivity in industry.

As products, systems and manufacturing facilities have become increasingly mechatronic in nature, it has also become necessary that the people who design, install, maintain, repair and calibrate products and systems in such facilities have skills which integrate mechanical, electronic and computer software systems.

Participants in our manufacturing skills programme will be equipped not only with the necessary basic mechanical skills, but also will be equipped with the basic electrical skills necessary to read and troubleshoot using electrical schematics as well as programme and troubleshoot programmable logic controllers [(PLC), the workhorse of any modern day industrial facility. In short, the programme will equip a person to function in all of the following traditional roles at the entry level in industry:

  • Machine Operator

  • Industrial maintenance mechanic

  • Industrial electrician, or

  • PLC maintenance technician

A complete manufacturing skills programme equips the student with all the skills illustrated here.

The Manufacturing Skills Programme delivers three significant impacts:

  • It provides students with a sufficiently versatile background with hands-on experience to be able to start their own businesses if they so choose;

  • It guarantees trainees graduating from the programme to be “employment-ready” at the entry level in a manufacturing /industrial facility;

  • For trainees who are sponsored by their employers, the training guarantees improved industrial performance, productivity, and profitability.

The Manufacturing Skills Training Programme consists of four separate modules:

Diploma in Manufacturing Skills

A trainee/student enrolled in a Manufacturing Skills diploma programme will be awarded a diploma only after completing all the required modules. These modules are:



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