KORSIKA Energy Research and Services Ltd (KERSL)

Aims and Objectives

KERSL started operations in Ghana in September 2012. KERSL’s project concept in Process Automation Training is simple: to provide an environment for professional development and training in industrial automation and control for Ghana’s industrial workforce. The objective is to contribute to the accelerated industrial growth of the country and to also contribute to the enhancement of her image as an “emerging market.”  A survey of industrial companies in the Accra-Tema metropolis was recently conducted by KERSL to ascertain training needs and services in industrial process instrumentation, control and automation. The survey confirmed the significant need for professional development and skill-enhancement in these areas, especially among technicians and artisans.

The above constitutes the first phase of KERSL’s overall business plan. In the second phase to be developed in the near future, KERSL also intends to implement the “Energy Research” in “KORSKA Energy Research and Services Ltd” by developing home-grown low cost technologies based on renewable energy resources wherever appropriate and necessary. The goal of this phase is to contribute to the improvement of the standard of living of rural/farming communities and create jobs. KERSL will focus on designing low-cost processing machines and constructing small scale food, beverage and/or dairy processing plants in appropriate communities to provide added value to raw materials. KERSL may have to work in collaboration with other manufacturing companies in the country, and pilot projects may first have to be developed to refine the concept. However, the emphasis will be on employing home grown technology rather than importation of machinery.